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RunAddicts will take you through years of experience, advice and other essential tips and tricks related to running any individual should know about. Founded by experts in running as well as in running blogs, RunAddicts succeeds to deliver reliable, useful information for all the, or yet to become, sportsmen.

Perhaps the most remarkable yet overlooked aspect of RunAddicts is their own professional writers team. Before an article is published to our blog, we review every single one of them with the whole team. This way we are able to release only top quality posts, as we aim to provide our readers with only professionally evaluated stuff. We hope that makes us different.

Who is in charge of this amazing blog?

Two fanatic, determined runners who both happen to be active in the freelance web industry founded RunAddicts. After years of running and experience with many blogs, setting up a professional runners site seemed to be a perfect combination of interests, hobbies and skills all together.

Press Releases has been developed in 2009 and aimes to become the no. 1 english running blog!
We believe our cocktail of helpful, high quality articles, great design and overall marketing will make RunAddicts succesfull.

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