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Tips to improve blood circulation in your feet

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“The wellness of the body starts with the feet.” This was a slogan for a shoe making company that was probably created for sheer marketing purposes. Still, this statement is very truthful from a scientific perspective as well. In this article, we will shed some light on some proven tips to help you improve blood circulation in your feet.

First Things First: What Causes Poor Blood Circulation in the Feet and How to Indentify it?

Good blood circulation is crucial for the overall health of the body since blood is responsible for bringing oxygen and essential nutrients and to the entire body. That’s why; the body cannot by any means function properly if the blood circulation is poor.

Hypertension as well as the hardening of the varicose veins and arteries are some of the common causes of poor blood circulation. The good news is: poor circulation symptoms are quite noticeable. These include the bluish tinge of both the foot skin and the nails. In addition, if you experienced a lot of cramping in cold weather, that’s another warning signal.

Now that we identified the problem, here are some proven tips to deal with it effectively.

For Fast and Decisive Results, Take the Medical Road…

There are some proven treatments to enhance feet blood circulation, the best of which is Cayenne (often referred to Capsicum). It can be used as a cream, a tincture, an infused oil, or as a liniment. Either way simply rub it onto the feet which will instantly strengthen blood flow in this area. Some of the benefits of Cayenne include stimulating the heart, strengthening the arteries (responsible for delivering blood to the entire body), as well as raising metabolism. Another excellent remedy is Ginkgo biloba.

Another very simple way to improve blood circulation is to take one aspirin every day. Doing that will result in thinning the blood which will make the heart’s blood pumping mission easier. Be cautious, however, that you MUST consult your doctor before taking any medication.

Easy Do-it-yourself Tips

Have you ever tried the hot and cold feet bath? If not, we will teach you how it works. The idea is simple: First, soak your feet in hot (but not burning hot!) water which will cause blood to rush to the feet. Suddenly, open the cold tab (and make it shivering cold this time!) which rush blood back again to the rest of the organs, leaving your feet revitalized and oxygenated. Repeat this several times to give your legs a well deserved blood circulation boost.

How about some self-pampering every now and then? Go ahead and book for a relaxing reflexology treatment or a pedicure with a foot massage. This will certainly enhance your feet circulation and in the mean time, you will feel wonderfully relaxed and invigorated. Another no-fail way to improve feet blood circulation to raise them slightly when you are resting, even for just 15 per day. If you can’t fit that into your busy schedule, it would mean that YOU maybe number infinity on your priority list! Do something about it.

How about some self-pampering every now and then?

When it comes to any health advice, good diet and exercise are always recommend and certainly feet blood circulation is no exception. In other words, CONSISTENT healthy diet and exercise are out of the question if you are SERIOUS about your overall wellness.

Regular walking is the best advice we could give you in that regard simply because almost anyone can do it and its health benefits are countless. To ensure consistency, make the process fun. Walk with a friend, walk in the nature, or crack up your favorite music, whatever works for you. A gentle daily walk will have enormous benefits on your circulation and your overall health as well! Anyway, since you are an avid RunAddicts reader, we assume you do more than just walking but this is a good tip to give to some of your beloved coach potatoes!

Now let’s talk diet. If you are overweight, your heart has to work harder than it would normally do in order to pump blood to the entire body which translates into poor blood circulation. We said it before and we will always say it: please throw the starve-to-death diets to the nearest waste basket and go for a realistic diet that YOU can stick to. The common approach here is to eat moderate portions of everything and make healthy food choices most of the time. Fortunately, you have many options in that regard. On top of the list come fruits and vegetables and hey, water water water! We don’t need to tell you to keep fast/fired foods to a minimum or avoid them all together.

Some natural herbs can also improve blood circulation in the feet including ginger. Just add slices of fresh ginger to some lemon slices and pour hot water on them. Then, let it steep for a few minutes and make sure to drink it while still warm. It couldn’t get any easier than that!

Avoid the Most Two Deadly “S”s: Stress and Smoking

I guess you would agree with me that the mind-blowing technological advances we live in are mixed blessing! Instead of making our lives easier, it created an enormous stress that only few people can escape from. I invite to be one of them!

When you are stressed, your body gets into “fight or flight” state. As extreme as this may sound, the brains’ reaction to any dangerous/stressful situation means pumping a lot of adrenaline into the body while focusing blood supply on the internal organs.

To overcome stress, you MUST set aside a few minutes every day to take a “mental break”. A 15-minute meditation and/or yoga can do wonders. How about walking your dog, listening to relaxing music, or enjoying your favorite hobby.

Dancing is a no-brainer stress relief aside of its blood circulation benefits. Try Jazz, salsa, modern dancing, belly dancing, you name it! Or try some outdoor activities that will allow you to enjoy nature such as hiking and bird watching.

On the other hand, smoking is a deadly habit with the full meaning of the word! Among its endless risks, smoking also contributes to poor blood circulation as it limits the blood flow to the arteries. In fact, many doctors refuse to perform operations on smokers since smoking prevents the growth of new tissues which slows down surgery recovery. Trust me, the unarguable health risks of smoking far exceeds the instant gratification and the rush you feel when grab that cigarette! So if you are stuck in that rut, do yourself a favor and quite smoking.

I guess you would agree with me that are so many methods, some of which a ridiculously simple, to overcome poor feet blood circulation. So go ahead and try whatever suits you and if the problem persists, then you might need medical intervention. Enjoy investing in your most precious asset: YOU!

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