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Weight loss Motivation

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Sometimes we ask ourselves why we donít see results in weight loss, when all the tips and possible answers are already laid in front of us. This time we are not going to discuss the question of the method anymore, but the issue of motivation. Motivation is one of the most important factors for a successful weight loss. Lack of motivation minimizes your chances of losing weight.

How motivated are you?

This is the first question one should ask regarding weight loss. You might be surprised about your own answer; as some people may want to lose weight but they realize that they are not that motivated at all. To be able to correct this, as a first step you may want to know what your current knowledge is about weight loss. Weight loss, just like any other procedure needs knowledge and understanding. You may not know much about the topic and this can cause a block in your motivation. Another possible reason is fear of the weight loss process. You do not know from where to begin and this creates anxiety and negatively affects your motivation as well.

Setting vision

You should set a vision. Visualize the future and understand how deeply you want it. Sometimes we just lack vision and donít really picture ourselves doing or looking like something specific. You should stop that kind of thinking and try to picture yourself after a successful weight loss process. Keep this image in your mind and let it be a source of motivation especially during those difficult times where things just don’t work as expected. Get motivation with foods and exercise
Healthy food items and exercise can give a boost in motivation and at times, inspire you. This is because accomplishing weight loss with a healthy method is very rewarding. Another thing to keep in mind is that healthy food in combination with exercise can usually help to alleviate stress. Following a healthy diet method, and with stress levels being at a minimum, you will find there are no more reasons to ditch your weight loss methods.

Get motivation from elsewhere

Motivation is everywhere. Itís just a matter of grabbing it and applying it in our lives. You can get motivation from your friends by getting their support and aid. Try telling your close friends about your weight loss goal and you will notice how they will support you and inquire about your status. Mind you, every time they inquire about your weight status, you will respond in a way that you do your best to stay in track with the goals. You can also get motivation from everyday things. For example, a wrist band or a simple note or quote posted in the fridge can constantly remind you about your goals.

Be realistic

One of the factors that can demotivate you is the feeling that you cannot meet your weight loss goals. Before setting your goals make sure that they are realistic, measurable and achievable. Do not just say ìI want the body of a celebrity” but try to be more specific. For example you can set a goal to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year. This is both measurable and achievable. Have in mind that each and every one is different and you should set goals based on your own body structure and type and not what you see on TV or diet advertisements.

Reach the finish line

Weight loss is like running a marathon. During a marathon you get tired and you push yourself to the limits but once you reach the finish line you forget all the pain and enjoy your achievement. This is exactly how the process of losing weight feels like. You start with a lot of courage and willingness but after a couple of weeks you feel tired and exhausted. Those that can keep a pace will make it till the end and once they reach their target weight everything else becomes history. Bypass your obstacles, learn from your mistakes, identify your weakness and stay focus until the end.

Motivation is abundant and we could not stress that more. You may get it from different aspects of your lives. When youíre in line with your goal, motivation comes inevitably.

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