Hi, my name is Jason Fitzgerald, permanent writer at and I can show you how to improve your training to prevent more injuries, run more miles, and race faster.

I can help you leverage your current training – and with a few specific changes – help you start training with purpose. Forget injuries. Let’s get after personal records.

There is so much running information out there, but I don’t offer the same bland “Top 10 Running Tips” you can read anywhere. If you want the general stuff, like how to do a tempo run, then that’s fine – I’m probably not the running coach for you.

If you’re ready for the next step, I can help you improve your training.

Here are a few ways I’ve helped other runners:

  • Motivation for an upcoming marathon and PR attempt
  • Losing those stubborn last 5 pounds with a few simple training adjustments
  • Specific workout tweaks to build endurance and speed (often at the same time)
  • Injury prevention during a peak training period
  • Clarify training questions like “How do I get over the middle part of a race where I always seem to slow down?” and “Can I combine weights and running in the same day?
  • Training adjustments that will help you run a personal best, without having to run more – just by running smarter

What are other runners saying?

“Sometimes it just helps to have somebody peek in at your training schedule to see what might be lacking or improved.  Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running did that for me after I finished my 5th Ironman and as I plan for two Ironmans in 2011!  I am grateful for his analysis.” – Marianne, AR

“I’m starting to lay down my off season training plan and your message is really inspiring me to do things in a new way for 2011.  You can’t know how much this helps me. Take care and keep up the terrific work.” – Brian, ON, Canada

“[The Plateau Buster] is an invaluable tool.  After working my way up to 5k+ I was left feeling like I hit a plateau and wondering what to do next.  Jason’s report focused on what is important to me; injury rehabilitation, increasing my distance, and becoming a fast runner!” – Dawn, BC, Canada

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