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Preview of the Upcoming RunAddicts!

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We love the idea of being very open towards our readers and today we have very exciting news to share with you.

It has been 6 months already since was launched. So far, It has been an amazing journey that we are enjoying immensely thanks to your constructive feedback and supportive comments.

During these few months, we learned a lot about professional blogging, running (ofcourse!) and gained some fantastic friends, followers & readers along the way.
Since RunAddicts was born, we have been visited by over 70,000 people and even though this number is not even a fraction of what we dream of, we are confident that it will grow in leaps and bounds in no time.

How are we so sure? Well, your warm messages, emails, feedbacks, and comments are constantly assuring us that we are on the right track and pushing us to meet or even exceed your expectations.
From day one, we decided never to compromise quality for quantity and after the first 6 months were hugely successful, we are now committed more than ever to turn RunAddicts into the number one sought after blog for all runners worldwide!

Thank You. Thank you. Thank you!

On behalf of RunAddicts team, we are very thankful to our loyal fans and avid readers who didn’t settle for just reading our posts. Instead, they were passionately engaged in spreading the word about us and took the time to tweet our posts and share them with their acquaintances. We are also blown away by the ever increasing number of our facebook fans.

As for your feedbacks, we want to assure that we take every question, comment, suggestion, ideas for improvement, you name it very seriously. In fact, most of our topics were inspired by your burning questions and concerns. So, please do us a favor and keep them coming.
So far, that was your practical way of saying: “we believe in RunAddicts” and the least we can say in return is: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

You are most welcome to join our team

We figured that the only way we can consistently deliver quality posts is to expand our team. That’s why; we are constantly hunting for talented writers/photographers to join our growing team worldwide.
If you feel you have what it takes to join the RunAddicts community, please don’t hesitate to contact us and provide necessary samples. And hey, if you are a runner or even a running wannabe, that’s a huge plus!
Also if you are a professional runner and want to share your success story with other runners, please feel free to contact us for an interview.

Exciting topics in the making

Here are some hot RunAddicts topics coming soon:

  • How do you psych yourself up for long runs?
  • A story about runner’s high
  • Best gluten free foods for long distance running
  • What happens when you wear the wrong running shoes
  • What happens when you wear the wrong running shoes
  • Healthy eating tips for vegetarians
  • Specific guide to stretching before & after your run (+ videos)
  • Taking care of your feet
  • How to become a morning runner!
  • Going beserk: Ultra Marathons!
  • Training alternatives for runners
  • Maintaining Exercise Regimen with Hectic Schedule

Anything else you would like us to address in the near future, please Contact Us and we will be happy to meet your request : )

Tailoring RunAddicts to fit your needs

Over the last months, we’ve been checking out how you – the reader – are using our website. We discovered that you are interested in features we didn’t even think of, and didn’t give much attention to other features that we first thought of as important! For example, the poll and recent comments aren’t used a lot, while the links to features posts are being clicked in masses.

We’ve decided to recreate the homepage to better suit your needs. The new website – which will be launched in a few weeks – will display the most recent post, and 3 featured posts for each category.

New Server and Search function

There were some complaints of the website being down frequently. Mainly, this is because our website is getting pretty big, filled with a lot of articles.
When we switch to the new website, we will also switch over to a new server, which will be a lot faster and more stable.

Since we are growing bigger and we have a lot of published articles, we needed to recreate our search function to give you a better overview of our blog posts and enable you to find all the information you need more quickly.


Yes, we strive to STANDOUT and become the number one running blog worldwide and we definitely can’t reach that far without your help. In fact, we are turning RunAddicts design upside down in response to your needs.

So, if you have any helpful advises on how to further improve RunAddicts, please share it with us soon so we can include them in the new design.

Stay tuned! Become the next addict!

The countdown has begun! Just a few weeks and you will enjoy the new RunAddicts! So, keep visiting us frequently to find out. Even better, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to get the insider’s scoop of all the exciting details.