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4000 follower milestone – Running Shoes GiveAway (closed)

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When we launched the second version of RunAddicts in July 2010, Spira sponsored RunAddicts and allowed us to give away some of their shoes. Now, half a year later, we reached a 4000 twitter follower milestone and we’re grateful to announce that Spira is again working together with RunAddicts and providing us with a few pairs of their new product, the Spira Odyssey!

How to win

There is a process one has to go through in order to have a chance at winning one of the products listed below:

1) Become a fan and/or follower

2) Share this article with your friends

3) Tell us how to contact you

About the shoes

From the Spira blog:
The Odyssey falls into the category of “cushion trainer.”  This is an ideal shoe for anyone who runs on firm surfaces.  It’s a well cushioned training shoe that provides excellent forefoot and heel cushioning.  Spira’s patented WaveSpring technology is located in both the heel and forefoot for maximum impact absorption and energy return.  One of the additional benefits of the WaveSpring technology is that unlike other running shoes, neither the impact absorption nor the energy return tend to break down over the life of the shoe. Read the entire article

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