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Welcome to Run Addicts, our newest sprout!

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Running.. The oldest sport in history and still extremely important in our daily lives. And here we are , 2010,  launching a professional blog about the most ancient way mankind ever thought of to stay fit, lose weight or any of those other countless advantages running can give us.

Our blog will be crammed with useful posts covering all possible aspects related to running. Diet, hydration, interval running, stretching techniques, different terrain types are a few examples of what will be discussed. Our articles are professionally evaluated to make sure RunAddicts is a reliable source of information.

As from today the RunAddicts team will provide you with these professional, top quality articles, written by our superb and carefully selected writers team. Their individual names can be viewed at our contact page, where you are also able to send us a note, should you be interested in becoming a RunAddicts writer.

When you register or log in, you will soon be able to connect your running profile to our website, read unique members-only articles and even get the chance to compete in our occasional prize-contests.

To increase readers’ interest, you as a member can suggest topics to our writers. So if you would like to have a professional view on anything related to running, don’t hesitate to give our team some ideas to blog about! Comment them to this post!

Already a running addict or want to become one? You’re in the right place!


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