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How To Leave Bed On A Freezing Cold Morning

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Cosy & warm. Feeling slightly guilty, but just so warm, you look at the clock: 6.01, Work in 2 hours.
Mentally weighing up the benefits of going for a run, but on the other hand, making up excuses as to why you don’t need to go running today.

  • I should really get out there, it’s Monday… But it is so cold, plus my I might wake my partner
  • The race is coming up and I need to train… But I put in such a big effort yesterday I need to recover, yea… Recover
  • I think I have a bit of a sniffle, better let myself rest
  • My shoes are getting a bit stuffed, I’ll just wait until I get some new ones

I can hear the alarms. The devil on one side hurling abuse saying “But I really do have a cold”, or “My shoes give me blisters”. On the other side I hear the conscious mind who is still absent at 6am – “I don’t have a cold, I just had a bit of mucus from that milkshake last night”, “My shoes will be fine if I get some thicker socks, plus I will grab a new set tonight instead of wasting that money on entertainment”.

We constantly wage battle against our very worst enemy, ourselves, every single day. When starting a new habit it is most noticeable, but even the most seasoned professional occasionally gets a bout of CBF.

When first embarking on something you want to make part of your daily schedule, it is hard. There is no doubt about it, and I am not going to cover up the fact.
Quitting smoking, giving up drinking, curbing your late night shopping habit, kicking the sweet tooth and other bad habits are a part of all of our lifestyles, some just have them to a bigger degree than others.

The easiest way to make a new habit sustainable, especially something that can be very hard to do (such as leaving a warm bed, partner and house to run about the city on a freezing cold morning) is to use your brain power.

Figuring out why you want something is the easiest way to get yourself to take action

When you are lying in bed in the morning, you just have to change your focus toward the benefits of training, instead of the excuses – which does take a little time and it starts slowly.

You wake up the morning after reading this article and think:
“Yeah, I remember that guy saying I should focus on… – Ahh, can’t remember. Something about how I feel halfway through a run, alive, energized. God I am lazy. I am getting up and going to train so I can whoop some ass”.

Motivational thoughts

  • When I am halfway through my run, I feel like I have all the power in the universe, I feel unstoppable, full of energy and more alive than ever
  • I love knowing that while I am up and about exercising early in the morning, I am beating 99% of the world to the best possible start to the day
  • Sleeping in and being lazy are not even a part of me, being an early riser and sweating my butt off before I even start my day is how I roll
  • I will be the fastest, fittest and strongest, I train relentlessly every single day knowing I am getting there and surpassing everyone slowly with each day I train

By training yourself to change your thoughts every morning, you will not only get out of bed faster and earlier, you will put more intensity and effort into your training. You will feel better, lighter, faster.


Focus your thoughts and efforts as soon as you wake.
At the start of waking up your thoughts will be something like:

  1. Where the hell am I?
  2. Oh yeah, at home. Where else would I be…
  3. Man I am tired and comfortable and warm

After a while of practice your thoughts upon waking, they will become something like:

  1. Where the hell am I?
  2. Oh yeah, at home. Why would I be anywhere else…
  3. I am so freaking amped right now to go out and run like a Spartan, sweat like a pig and breathe the freezing cold air that makes me feel like a finely tuned V8 purring up the hill.

If you have other thoughts that help keep you getting up on icy cold mornings to go and do what 99% of the population claim is “mad”, I would love to hear them.

Also, check out How to become a morning runner for some other practical advise!

Go kick some ass!

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