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How training for a marathon can improve a company’s team spirit

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Of course, running is mostly thought of as an individual sport, but running in group has many benefits. That’s why so many runners join a running team or like to run with friends.

But why not run with colleagues? You see them often so it’s quite easy to plan together and workout immediately after or -why not- before work. Running in group can be very beneficial for the team spirit, certainly  if you’re sharing the same goal, like running a half marathon or a marathon together.

Benefits of training with colleagues

Motivating each other

Running with colleagues can really be a boost for your motivation. Your colleagues are also training for a marathon/half marathon and can encourage you whenever you feel like giving up of when you’re having a bad day. You see each other several days a week, which gives you more than enough time to talk about your workouts, your successes and your troubles. If you’re running on your own, it’s easy to skip a workout. It’s more difficult when you know your colleagues are waiting for you.

Getting to know each other

In a company you often have to work closely together, but that doesn’t mean that you know your colleagues very well. If you often go for a run together, you have more than enough time to chat. Not only about work of course, but also about personal interests. Running with colleagues is a great way to network!

Better Performance

People tend to run faster when they’re running with others. Training with colleagues also means there’s always a bit of a healthy competition, so everyone will surely try to perform at his best.

A great example

13 colleagues from a Belgian web design company decided to train for the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromsø, the north of Norway, together. At the time of this marathon this part of Northern Norway, above the Arctic circle, knows the phenomenon of the midnight sun, which means there will be bright daylight 24 hours a day. The marathon is held at night.

The common goal of running this special marathon in Tromsø together keeps the 13 colleagues motivated to workout after work. The company’s managers even hired a marathon coach, whose task it is to assist and motivate the runners and ensure they follow the right workout schedules.

The Inventis web designers even built a website where you can follow their progress and eventually will find out if they reached their goal of running the Midnight Sun Marathon: (dutch).

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