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Running 2000 miles for charity!

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Together with two friends from the UK, Scott Jenkins (29, turns 30 during the run) and brother Rhys Jenkins (22), 24-year old Rusty Tolliver of Austin, Texas is going to try and break a record and raise money for charity by running 2,000 miles! The idea came about as all the men are fitness fanatics and wanted to do something that gave back so they combined their two loves: Running and helping others.

The friends will try to break the World Record for the most consecutive marathons, by running from Boston To Austin. The idea was inspired by their growing admiration for their friends, who are currently serving in the armed forces in Afghanistan.

The challenge, which will start on September 15th 2010, is an excruciating one and will push them to their physical limits. While doing so, they will be completing up to 40 miles per day, crossing 9 states, a hundred towns and 9 cities. The climate will change constantly, and the brothers will cover all sorts of terrain along the way. Mountains and deserts included.

A message from Rusty Tolliver

I don’t know what I’m going to feel like or if I’m even going to be able to feel. One thing I’ll know for sure is that I will have started a whole new part of my life. I will have finished a trek so BIG and meaningful that a satisfying state will overwhelm me with the next step I take.

The preparation for this journey has brought highs and lows and has showed me what it’s like to put your life into something you love. The hard work and dedication for the training has been nothing compared to what we have ahead. I am awaiting the future more so than ever. I can’t wait to get out there on the road with Rhys and Scott. To start this journey and share it with such close friends of mine will sure be epic.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to embark on such a long run. Just knowing that there are no turnarounds, time trials or anywhere else we need to be for those 2 + months is a fresh break.

Giving back to charity

The idea for this run stemmed out of my love for running and my dedication to give back to my community. They actually both came along at the same time and I haven’t stopped either since. Charity work always meant a lot to me as I would choose the ones that hit close to home.

I got introduced to “Young Texans Against Cancer” two years ago in Austin, Texas at a music festival they were sponsoring. Since then I’ve paid close attention to what they do around the community and how they give back. When I decided on this run, I knew exactly which charity I wanted to work on this with.

Cancer has played a big part throughout my life. My Mother, Debbie, battled the epidemic twice, my Aunt Loretta passing away in the summer of 09’, my best friend’s Father passing away earlier this year and all the other family, friends and strangers alike who have had to see this disease tear away so much in it’s path. I wanted to change the way we look at this disease and I thought what could I do? So, I decided to put the two loves I share with Rhys and Scott together and make something beautiful happen.

What does this run mean to you?

I’d have to respond with the strong feeling of… I don’t really know. It means more than words, but I believe that the feelings for this run will change with every mile we shred and every smile we bring.
September 15th…here we come.

-Rusty Tolliver

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