by Rebecca Jones in Training Tips, image by Daniele Sartori

Why run even when no one is chasing you?

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To run from a pillar to post. To run for money. To run for life. To run out of time. We use running, as a concept, in our daily vocabulary in more ways than one. While every usage has its own reason, formulation and significance, you may wonder why the word ‘running’ is not as much strongly associated with physical health as any other activity in daily life. You will agree, to run for health, is not a commonly heard phrase or dictum, even though it is considered to be one of the most fruitful exercises that man can perform every day. Admittedly, it takes little to make running a daily routine. Just put on your running shoes, dress up comfortably and hit the road. Fell the adrenaline and the fun that is simply overwhelming. Make this an inherent component of your exercise schedule, and you will rediscover yourself in no time. For that matter even jogging, which many describe as the cousin of running, is also a nice way to remain up and running for the day.

Run to live long

Since time immemorial, running, as a form of exercise, has been regarded as an immaculate way to remain fit as a fiddle. It is acknowledged as one of the most fundamental ways to remain mentally focused, balanced, and relaxed all through the day. You may be aware of overall benefits of running but did you know that by running dedicatedly every day you can ensure longevity for yourself? Yes, one of the most surprising benefits of running is that it slows down the aging process, making you feel young and youthful. Running triggers metabolic and hormonal activities in your body. The energy generated improves your stamina and the same manifests as a glow on your face as you begin to look younger than ever.

Run for physical and mental fitness

For those who fear suffering from heart disease and diabetes or wish to stay clear of breast cancer, osteoporosis and hypertension, running is a blessing in disguise. These and such other diseases have the potential to make your life a living hell, and running can keep them at bay for far more time than you can imagine. Mental health is as imperative as physical health. Running plays a vital role in keeping you mental hail and hearty. According to researchers, running a mile every day has psychological ramifications too. It boosts your self-confidence while reducing stress and giving you a feeling accomplishment. You can get rid of negative emotions such as depression, hypertension, fatigue and delusion by running daily.

Look before you leap

All this may sound interesting and non-runners may be rearing to go all out tomorrow, however, look before you leap. Running is not recommended to everyone. Whether or not to take up running as a daily exercise depends upon general condition of your health, which includes your weight and internal body mechanism. If you are suffering from joint problem, if you are overweight, if you already have a heart problem, you are advised to embark upon the exercise only under medical supervision. Both men and women must take precautionary measures to avoid side-effects of indulging in this physically strenuous exercise, which can take a toll on your body or make matters worse, if not done properly and methodically. Please do not be too bold and overestimate your physical capacity because running is not as easy it may sound. Running definitely is very good for health but you may inadvertently end up harming your body more if you are unfit to run for any reason whatsoever. Therefore if you are suffering from any physical ailment you will be better off taking a doctor’s advice before pursuing this hard exercise regime.

Run smart, not hard

In conclusion running is certainly an exercise that has lot many pros and very few cons. You may find taking up running as a very fruitful form of exercise but do not make it the substitute for any other exercise. Running is very good wellness tool but its quantum should be determined only after properly studying and understanding body make and physical needs. Don’t run hard, run smart.

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