Let’s start with this: WE LOVE YOU!

RunAddicts.net relies on the submissions of guest authors to continue it’s existence. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh content and new writers to join our team.

What kind of content does RunAddicts accept?

We accept all articles that are useful for our readers. Anything related to running in general; How to prepare for an event, the best gluten-free foods for runners, running schedules for people who are on a diet, motivational articles, injury prevention, tips & tricks, …

The Guidelines

There are some guidelines for guest posting.

  1. Be original
    We will use CopyScape and other technologies to check if your article is unique and doesn’t have copied or duplicate content.
    You agree not to republish the article elsewhere. You are allowed, however, to link to it.
  2. Be relevant
    The post content should apply to on of our topics: Health & Nutrition, Start to Run, Stories and Training Tips. You are allowed to research the information, or share tips from your own experience.
  3. At least 700 words long
    Usually, our guest posts are between 700 and 1200 words long. This does not include your bio.
  4. At most 35 words bio
    Introduce yourself to our readers at the end of your article.
  5. Website and twitter
    You may include your website and twitter name below your bio. They will be added to your bio.
  6. No affiliate links

RunAddicts’ editors reserve the right to edit the posts as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject posts that are not appropriate.

What are the perks?

  • Freebies: We currently have an agreement with Yankz!. They will send 5 Yankz! PaceTats to every guest author of RunAddicts
  • Reputation: You can put your name out in the running community
  • Link love: If you already have a blog or website, we ‘do-follow’ our writers’ urls that are placed in the biography

How to Submit a guest post?

Please pitch your idea first. We already have a large amount of articles in our system, and it’s possible that your article has already been written (but not yet published).

If you finished an article that meets the criteria above, please email the article to guestpost (at)  runaddicts  (dot) net. Approved guest writers will receive their own profile and login on the RunAddicts system.

By submitting your guest article, you agree that all intellectual property rights of the article are transferred to RunAddicts.net.